Traditional Spa Services

Our classic and customizable services. With each of these Traditional spa services you will be guided through a double consultation process. Step one will occur when you arrive at Spa Walden and are asked to complete our Spa Philosophy card. These philosophies are designed to enhance your spa treatment by tailoring our services to your individual needs. Step two will happen in your private Spa Suite before your scheduled services start. Each practitioner will hold a consultation with you and customize the service to your expectations.


Scrub treatments soften and exfoliate the skin’s surface while increasing circulation, leaving the skin invigorated and glowing. Scrubs are a perfect prelude to massages, which help the skin absorb the healing ingredients applied after the scrub. Our skin exfoliating selections are suitable for all skin types.

60-minutes $125++,  90-minutes $185++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 60-minute $150++, 90-minute $210++)


Our most therapeutic spa treatment. Body wraps and masks can refresh the skin and body in a variety of ways. Heat combined with the content of the wrap itself will work together to promote perspiration, which increases the penetration of the wrap’s active ingredients. Calming scalp and foot massages are included in your wrap experience, and your service is finished with an application massage.

90-minutes $185++, 120 minutes $245++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 90-minute $210++, 120-minute $270++)


During a Spa Walden massage you and your Practitioner design a massage protocol based on your preferences as well as the pressure-specific areas of your concern. Any requests for Practitioners need to be made at the time of booking.

60-minutes $125++, 90-minutes $185++, 120-minutes $245++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 60-minute $150++, 90-minute $210++, 120-minutes $270++)


Each Spa Walden facial is tailored to your unique skin type. When selecting a 90-minute facial a level 1 peel is included. With a 120-minute facial a level 2 peel is included. These longer services also include more treatment techniques for better results, and an extended massage sequence.

60-minutes $125++, 90-minutes $185++, 120-minutes $245++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 60-minute $150++, 90-minute $210++, 120-minute $270++)

Back facials are a special pleasure – a detailed, deep-cleansing protocol for the back that synchronizes brightening exfoliation with soothing healing. A deep cleanse and relaxing massage removes impurities, restores the skin, and relaxes the mind.

60-minutes $125++, 90-minutes $185++, 120-minutes $245++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 60-minute $150++, 90-minute $210++, 120-minute $270++)


Spa Walden manicures and pedicures are paired to create the ultimate Spa Walden experience. Our nail services include extensive massage of the hands and feet, and your Technician instructs you on the effective use of products. For the pleasure of complete privacy, we present this treatment to you behind closed doors in one of our private Spa Suites.

90-minutes $185++, 120-minutes $245++
(*Price change June 1st 2014 – 90-minute $210++, 120-minute $270++)


++Friday & Saturday Pricing: Add an additional $25 for a Single Suite and $50 for a Double Suite, and Additional 20% Facility Charge & Ohio Tax