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Suite Bathing

Inn Walden guests staying in any of our suites can now indulge in the sublime pleasures of in-suite bath services. Luxuriate in a choice of blissful bath rituals. Each suite has been fitted with a large gorgeous bathtub, perfect for soaking in at your leisure. Whatever you are in the mood for – unwinding, revitalizing, a […]continue reading

A Pedicure at Spa Walden

If you have not enjoyed a Pedicure at Walden it soon may be the time to try one. Spa Walden is introducing a new callus softening product that will be included in every Pedicure service currently offered at the Spa. Get ready to be wowed!continue reading

Greens Aerification October 4-6

Even though every golfer seems to hate it, aerification of the greens is an extremely important process. We like the analogy that we in golf maintenance are just farmers, growing a crop of grass, yet one of the biggest disadvantages we have is that farmers can easily and greatly improve their soil by discing or […]continue reading

Fresh Fish Served Up at Walden

You’ve asked the question a hundred times in a hundred different restaurants.  What’s fresh?  At Walden, however, you can save your breath — because everything’s fresh.  Each morning, we use Federal Express to fly in seafood from across the country.  There’s line-caught salmon from the Columbia River, soft shell crabs from Baltimore, Pompano from the […]continue reading

Pig Roast Friday

Autumn is in the air and for Chef Pete and his crew that means one thing, well two; clam bakes and pig roasts. So starting Friday September 3, 2010 the clubhouse kitchen will be roasting a whole sucking pig over local hardwood and fruit tree trimmings. The pig will be portioned and sold as a […]continue reading

Helen Welsh

On Friday August 20th Helen Welsh visited the clubhouse to a sold out crowd. The kitchen could barley keep up with all the orders. Helen put on a fantastic show and saved the evening. Thank you everyone for coming out.continue reading

Prime Rib Tuesday

Every Tuesday evening at the clubhouse a prime rib buffet is served! There is always a fish dish, several salads ,soup and desserts. Reservations are encouraged so we know how much prime rib to cook.The price is $14.95 per person. The regular ala carte menu is not offered on this night.continue reading

Pinot Noir Brown Bag Wine Dinner

Come join us at the clubhouse on September 4, 2010 at 7PM for another installment of the very popular brown bag wine dinners. You bring a bottle of pinot noir to share with others and enjoy a mouthwatering dinner that matches the characteristics of this regal wine . It is priced at $27 per person […]continue reading

Inn Walden’s Morning Treat

Cast your memory back to childhood.  Surely nothing inspires the comforts and traditions of home more than the honeyed aroma — and taste — of a family member’s freshly-baked muffins.  At Walden, we long to rekindle a certain hospitality and cheer with a similar tradition: Each morning our guests will find a basket of muffins […]continue reading

Helen Weltch Plays Walden

Join us Friday August 20th for an evening with Helen Welch and her trio from 8pm to 11pm in the Bogey Bar. She is a dynamic singer and performer bubbling with swing, charisma and oceans of personal charm. She will be sure to take you on a magical musical journey. It will be a busy evening, […]continue reading
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